We help publishers to engage more readers

and to monetize premium content on mobile devices.

At Twipe, we believe edition based publishing should be core to the strategy of every newspaper publisher.

Editions fulfil fundamental needs of large groups of audiences, such as the 44% of news consumers identified by Reuters as ‘daily briefers’. These readers like to be briefed once a day, and appreciate the structure, completeness and depth of editions. We offer technology solutions for edition-based publishing, including Replica and NextGen digital publishing, ePaper analytics, and media innovations including big data and artificial intelligence. 

Twipe is fast, innovative, genuine, exceptional, and data driven.

  • Fast: We always deliver our projects on time.
  • Innovative: We are highly creative and strive to accomplish things in a manner that no one has done before.
  • Genuine: We are sincere, trustworthy and reliable.
  • Exceptional: We are committed to creating the best products and services.
  • Data driven: We use data to drive our decisions.

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