Setrakian feature

3 ways to fix a broken news industry

Misleading, fake and hysterical news headlines have eroded the trust in media; now at an all time low. Publishers are working on various ways to regain that trust and fix a broken media system. Lara Setrakian, founder and CEO of News Deeply, a media and technology company dedicated to providing thorough analysis of global issues, has years of experience in in-depth[…]

Clinton Fake News

Stanford report examines fake news in the 2016 US election

Fake news has less impact than previously thought according to a report by economists Hunt Allcott of New York University and Matthew Gentzkow of Stanford, on “Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election“. Evidence shows that: 62 percent of US adults get news on social media according to a Pew study fake news[…]


This is why editions will survive in the stream of online news content

With declining print circulations, publishers have been focusing their effort on web content. Recent research by Neil Thurman, Professor at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, has shown that online news does not engage your readers like their print product does. But isn’t that a negligible detail if web traffic is high? Actually, this study clearly reveals[…]


Der Spiegel to launch a digital-only Daily Edition later this year

With Daily, Der Spiegel publishing company will close a gap between the weekly magazine and the constantly updated Spiegel online website. With the new Daily, Der Spiegel targets the “Daily Briefers”, a term used already in Reuters’ Digital Report 2016.   The “Daily Briefer” wants to inform himself daily, but the regular visit of a website is too cumbersome[…]

6 common feature

6 common factors in the strategy of successful European publishers

The Media Briefing released a report last week containing 15 Case Studies of European publishers who have successfully implemented paid content strategies. We did a careful analysis of the report and identified the 6 common factors that industry leaders such as BILD, The Economist, De Correspondent, SüdDeutsche Zeitung, The Times or Le Monde counted on when building[…]


What Facebook wants to see happen for Advertising this year

A lot of new developments at Facebook coming up in the next weeks have been announced. Ads rolling in videos, more localized ads and services, better personalization of ads, to only name a few. Andrew Bosworth, Head of Advertising at Facebook, has recently pointed out what he wants to see and what is on their roadmap for[…]