NEW: De Standaard on Android Tablets using our latest HTML5 Tablet Publishing Technology

Today, De Standaard has launched a Tablet Optimised Android app. The application is the first of its kind to use the HTML5 Cross-platform Tablet Publishing technology of Twipe. The app offers the same functionality as the popular and award-winning iPad application. De Standaard is the first newspaper in the Benelux to offer a dedicated Android app focused on tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola’s Xoom.

The Android app is developed by Twipe using the new HTML5 Tablet Optimised Viewer in a hybrid Android application. The content is delivered in HTML5/CSS/Javascript pages which adapt in a responsive way to the various screen sizes. Navigation, download and messaging are implemented in the native application and ensure a smooth and tactile user experience.

Twipe is further pioneering in true cross-platform tablet publishing, using the latest HTML5 technologies and will introduce in the coming months more HTML5 features to its tablet publishing platform.

The Tablet Optimised Viewer presents the newspaper on the tablet, the way it should be. Layout and typeface are adapted to the iPad, Android or Windows8 tablet and include:

  • Column layout
  • Picture Galleries
  • HTLM5 Infographics
  • Adapted fonts
  • Advertising interstitials

The newspaper content is imported seamlessly from the EIDOS Méthode Solution and is further mapped into the tablet templates using the Twipe Template Editor. This ensures a very efficient workflow, allowing for tablet optimised publications both for the iPad and Android tablets.

Find out more about the launch of the De Standaard on Android in the video below (in Dutch):

De Standaard on Android – brief overview

De Standaard on Android for tablets is now available in the Google Play Store. This Android application focuses on Android tablet devices only (9 inches or larger). The app combines a Tablet Optimised Newspaper, specifically designed for tablet devices with a Replica Viewer for users who prefer to read their newspaper as they know it on paper. Furthermore users have access to an Archive to look up older newspapers. Finally, the latest news updates can also be read in a separate section. Special news flashes can be pushed to the devices by using push alerts.

Hybrid application: combining the best of both worlds

De Standaard of Android is a so-called hybrid application. The content presentation is entirely done in HTML5/CSS/Javascript, whereas the navigation and download functionality is written in native code. As a result the application offers a high quality tactile user experience, fast download performance and low cost of maintenance and distribution.

 Enthusiastic end user feedback