De Standaard HD doubles his users in 3 months thanks to "Tablet Optimised Newspaper" publishing.

Twipe is proud to have a strong relationship with Corelio (Belgium) to work on their digital succes. Together, we make sure users can access their digital content all over the world by connecting with the Twipe Cloud. We developed their mobile website, the iPhone/iPod, iPad and Android application.

A recent study shows that the mobile site and the iPad application “De Standaard HD” adds 11% digital reach to their website. Since the launch of “De Standaard HD”, Corelio has set a new standard for tablet publishing. They upgraded their PDF newspaper to a tablet optimised newspaper that offers users a better reading experience. 

Tablet publishing “De Standaard HD” – 3 months later:

  • Usability : 76% of the users rates the Tablet Optimised iPad app 8/10
  • Downloads : Since the launch in September 2011, De Standaard doubled the number of iOS users in 3 months time.  The iOS app has now more than 50.000 downloads. The print version has a circulation of almost 100.000
  • Complementary with website : Advertisers can reach users on every moment of the day. While the website is mainly visited between 9 am and 6 pm, mobile usage peaks in the morning and during the evening.
  • Age : The study shows that the website attracts a broad range of people starting from 12 year until 54 year olds. Users of the mobile website are mostly between 25 and 44 year old. It’s interesting to see that the tablet users are mostly between 35 and 54 year olds.
  • Gender : Men take 86% of the mobile website visitors into account, on iPad 83% of the users are men in the upper class. In the lower class the division is 72% male users for the mobile website and 75% male iPad users.

With this “Tablet Optimised Newspaper” solution we offer publishers a scalable cloud based solution. The target was to offer users the best reading experience.  Publishers can generate their Tablet Optimised Newspaper in an efficient way thanks to a semi-automatic approach. By using HTML5 technology rich media advertisements can easily being integrated.