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“L’édition du soir is a wonderful internal tool and an excellent laboratory to instill a new mentality in our newsroom”
Fabrice Bazard, Chief Digital Officer, Ouest-France

From Zero to 1.8 Million

In 2013, Ouest-France launched L’édition du soir (EdS), the first digital-only daily publication in France. It was initially conceived as an experimental tool to innovate in the emerging digital news market. Since then, L’édition du Soir is no more a baby, nor a Lab product. It has become a crucial part of Ouest-France overall digital strategy. Present on the web and through native Android and iOS apps, L’EdS reaches now each month more than 1.8 million unique readers each month and 90.000 recurring users, reading the newspaper at least three times a week.

To enable this growth, L’édition du soir has introduced Freemium access, coupled with dedicated audience activation via social media, newsletters, etc. With the Freemium, anonymous users can read a limited amount of articles. After a few pages, it is proposed to them to register to read more. Next step is the monetisation of this audience.

Driven by the desire to improve the user experience for 70% of the readers, together with Ouest-France, at the end of 2015, we have developed the WebApp Touch. L’Edition du Soir, already available on web for desktop users and on native tablet and smartphone apps, is now ready as a touch web app. Discover it now on your phone.

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About Ouest-France

With 750,000 print readers a day (amongst which 550,000 subscribers) and a reach of 2 million readers each day, Ouest-France is the biggest-selling daily in France. In addition to print, Ouest-France also offers digital products: a free news website, as well as mobile and web apps, launched in June 2012 with success. The website attracts about 900,000 unique visitors a day, becoming the ninth most visited news site in France. And mobile apps present their 53 regional editions to 51,000 paying digital subscribers.

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