Magazine Template Family

Tell your stories
in a different way

Magazine Template Family

Create an entirely new user experience with the NextGen Magazine Template Family. Introduce fixed formats surch as “Today in
Pictures” or “4 Questions”. Surprise your
readers with new forms of visual storytelling.

With dS Avond, we have launched a daily, digital-only evening edition that is being run by a separate editorial team. The Magazine Template Family gives us the flexibility to create a user experience that resembles that of a magazine environment.”

Karel Verhoeven, Editor-in-Chief, De Standaard

Your Benefits
  • New reading format
  • Visual story telling
  • Rich media integration
Rich Media Content
4 Questions & Answers
One subject analyzed under four different angles
Today in pictures
Professional pictures deserve a professionaly designed viewing mode.
TV Tips
Intuitive access to slices of content, available at a fingertip.