Replica Smartphone App

Replica Smartphone App for digital newspapers

replica smartphone app

Your digital newspaper in pocket format

The Twipe Smartphone apps are available for iPhone and Android smartphones*. The Twipe newspaper app on smartphones has strongly evolved since the first launch back in 2009 on the iPhone. Today it provides a hyper-modern, fast and indispensable app for people on the road who don’t want to miss their daily newspaper. On top of this, with the integration of the Live News channel, the user always stays on top of what is happening in real-time.

*the Windows 8 smartphone version is under development

Replica Smartphone App Key Features

  • Homescreen
    • Newspaper front page
  • Newspaper archive
    • 7 past issues
  • Replica Viewer
    • Tactile reading experience (slow & fast swipe)
    • 1-page view
    • Portrait orientation
    • 200% zoom (pinch, double tap)
    • Fast navigation (categories, page thumbs)
    • Retina screen quality
  • Article Smartphone Viewer (tap to read article detail)
    • Adaptable font size
    • Picture Galleries
    • Rich content
  • Access & Monetization
    • Newspaper subscriptions (login & verification)
    • iTunes subscriptions
    • In-app purchases
    • Free credits to stimulate usage
  • Advertising
    • Splash page
    • Full-page Interstitials
  • Live news integration
    • 1 RSS Channel
  • Regional editions
    • Multiple regional editions possible
    • User profiling and regional preferences
  • Commercial or editorial supplements
  • Push notifications
  • Offline reading
  • Progressive download
    • Bandwidth optimization (wireless, wifi)
  • Universal app (tablet + smartphone in 1 app)
  • Newsstand integration (only available on iOS)
    • Kiosk
    • Background download


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