Replica WebViewer

Replica WebViewer for digital newspapers

Read your rich PDF digital newspaper in every browser.

The Replica WebViewer allows you to read your PDF digital newspaper in every HTML5 browser. Easily navigate through your newspaper’s editions, pages and supplements. Zoom in on articles, or read an article in an article light box. Video’s and extra image galleries can enrich your paper publication.

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Replica WebViewer Key Features

  • Homescreen
    • Newspaper headlines
    • Newspaper front page
  • Newspaper archive
    • 15 past issues
  • Replica Viewer
    • Tactile reading experience
    • 2-page view
    • Landscape orientation
    • 500% zoom (pinch, double tap)
    • Fast navigation (categories, page thumbs)
  • Article Lightbox (tap to read article detail)
    • Browser optimized layout
    • Picture galleries
    • Rich content
  • Advertising
    • Interactive full-page Interstitials
  • Content enrichment
    • Extra picture galleries
    • Extra video streams
    • Extra links to webcontent
    • Extra links to HTML5 Infographics
  • Regional editions
    • Multiple regional editions possible
    • User profiling and regional preferences
  • Commercial or editorial supplements

Available on all recent browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

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Getting started is easy.