Twipe Digital Publishing Platform

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Excellence. Delivered.

The Twipe Digital Publishing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution consists of

  • a scalable and reliable back-end cloud-based publishing platform
  • customizable iOS, Android and Windows 8 front-end apps

The Solution has been designed for maximum efficiency, scalability and reliability.

Integration with Twipe is easy: through web based API’s you easily plug-in your newsroom CMS, advertising and billing-  and CRM systems. While you focus on your core business of content creation, Twipe takes care of all aspects of digital publishing.

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Rock Solid Cloud Technology

The Twipe Digital Publishing Platform is available as a cloud-based service and includes the following core modules:

  • Content Packaging: this automatic process prepares the imported content into a format that is adapted to the end-user’s device and that is optimized for efficient and fast download
  • Advertising: this module links with your AdServer through the Advertising API and integrates the various ad formats into the smartphone or tablet digital publications
  • Billing: this module handles the end-user’s free or paid newspaper downloads. This module interfaces with your subscription and CRM systems through the Subscription API. It also integrates with various App Stores (iTunes, Google Play, Windows 8) for in-app purchases or subscriptions.
  • Notifications: this module allows you to send news alerts and push notifications to the end-users
  • Analytics: this module calculates on a daily basis key usage statistics, and provides you with standard or custom reports.

Front-end apps

On the front-end, Twipe offer a comprehensive set of iOS, Android and Windows 8 smartphone and tablet digital newspaper apps that can be rolled out fast and at low cost. The apps offer a rich set of features that ensure a great digital newspaper reading experience.  Customization is possible to fit with your newspaper brand and look-and-feel.

Getting started is easy.

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