Key takeaways of Digital Media Europe – Day 2 #dme14

At Digital Media Europe 2014 we have selected 5 inspirational quotes of very insightful sessions of BuzzFeed, The Financial Times, Storyful and Moat.

1. “Social has taken over from search”
Will Hayward, Vice President Europe, BuzzFeed

Facebook has changed its algorithm in 2013 and has taken over Google in terms of generating traffic for content sites in 2013. The web has now becoming truely social. BuzzFeed understands this deeply and is expected to become the largest news and entertainment network in the world in the next 6-12 months.


2. “Great online ads should not be limited to framed banners”
Aniq Rahman, President Moat

This example of online advertising illustrates how to integrate engaging ads into online publications. It was created back in 2008.


3. “Great tactile user experience increases engagement”
Lisa MacLeod, Head of Operations,

The Financial Times has seen an increase of the mobile content consumption by 33% by improving the swipe experience of web app.


4. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Mark Little (CEO Storyful)

This quote of Samuel Becket illustrates that true learning can only happen through failures. Newspapers are afraid of failing, and therefore are not learning quickly enough in this uncertain world full of opportunities. Storyful has seen the opportunity to find great content in a stream of social media generated content, and turn this into great stories.

5. “Readers want a finite news app experience”
Lisa MacLeod, Head of Operations,

The Financial Times now has 200.000 more digital than print subscribers. Consumer research has clearly indicated the need for a fixed morning edition, also in the digital space. Readers do not like to scroll through an infinite amount of information available on news websites.