Are you a student or young graduate, and eager to learn? Do you want to feel the thrill of joining an entrepreneurial journey? Are you passionate about mobile technology, big data, machine learning? Twipe is looking for young talented students and graduates to work together in a variety of ways:

  • Young Graduates: for a limited number of selected participants, Twipe offers a 2-year Young Graduate Program. During this program, you will be exposed to the various parts of our business. 
  • Master Thesis: Twipe is working at the edge of new media technologies, where there’s ample room to define exciting and challenging topics for your Master Thesis. Special areas of interest are: machine learning, emotion measurement, interactive infographics, recommendation engines.
  • Internships: We offer internships for periods of minimum 12 weeks for developers, commercial engineers, civil engineers, and masters in computer science. You join one of our teams, and contribute from the first day on the job.

Interested to know more? Contact us now and kickstart your career.