Major upgrade of the Twipe NextGen Digital Publishing Suite to be revealed at the World Pubishing Expo

With the launch of the new tablet edition of Het Nieuwsblad, Twipe has added a range of new features to its NextGen Digital Publishing Suite. Book a meeting now at WAN-IFRA Expo to discover these new features.

We give you a quick preview below.

New Template Family suited for Popular and Sports News

A entirely new Template Family has been developed, allowing to bring the look & feel of a typical Popular or Sports Newspaper. The Template consists of a total of more than 40 templates. The templates are very visual and allow to bring a variety of stories using large pictures. The templates allow to bring the newspaper feeling, giving different structure and weight to articles, and allowing for the discovery of other news topics.

Popular News Template Family

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Sports News Template Family

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Automatic Publication Generation

The Twipe NextGen Digital Publishing Suite now allows to automatically generate entire publications or sections of publications. This automatic generation uses a very advanced heuristic assignment algorithm in order to get results that are equivalent to human curation. For newspapers with a large number of articles, the Automatic Page Generation is critical in reducing the workload required to prepare the digital publication in a short amount of time.

Front-end app Hamburger Menu

The front-end app now includes a very practicaly Hamburger Menu feature which allows to quickly access sections of publications, external services such as Live Sports Results, TV Guide, … and publication supplements.

Integration of interactive Puzzles

It is now possible to integrate third party interactive Puzzles within a NextGen Publication.

Related items inserted within NextGen Articles blocks

Many news stories are composed of a number of related articles. There’s typically a main story, with a number of smaller articles covering related topics (eg a biography, an opposing point of view, a summary, extra pictures). The Twipe NextGen Publishing Suite now allows to insert Related Items within an Article Block easily. This enhances the reading experience significantly.

Integration of Print Ads within NextGen Publications

As from now it is possible to integrate ads for the print publication within the NextGen Publication. A separate feed of print ads needs to be foreseen in order to enable this new feature. Print ads can either be put “as is” in the NextGen Publication, or they can be enhanced with an extra weblink or extra interactivity.

Quick Page Navigation via Page Thumbnails

The reader can now very quickly navigate to a specific page using the Page Thumbnails feature. These Thumbnails appear when the reader taps on the bottom part of the screen. A progress indicator appears each time the reader swipes between pages.





Download the app of ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ and discover these new features.