Majority of publishers mark tablet publishing as top priority

Tablet publishing is hot. A survey by SIIA with 85 publishing executives shows that 60 percent of them mark tablet publishing as a top priority for their company in technological development in 2012. Alongside tablet publishing, mobile publishing and the launch of web-based products are on top of their lists.

What is interesting to see, is that B2C companies prioritize their tablet development above everything else, while B2B’s tend to put the creation of new web-based offerings above that.

When it comes to management’s perspective, director-level individuals are not as enthusiastic about tablet publishing as C- and VP-level managers. 50 percent of the first mentioned group prioritize tablet publishing, versus 69 percent of their younger colleagues.

The content platforms on which companies are currently publishing vary. Overall, companies are leveraging Apple platforms – the iPad and the iPhone. The survey found that 68 percent are currently publishing on iPad and 58 percent on the iPhone. Meanwhile, 38 percent are publishing on Android-based phones, and 35 percent are publishing on Android-based tablets.