Newspaper evening edition dS Avond now also available on smartphones

“dS Avond”, the digital-only evening edition of De Standaard is now also available on smartphones. dS Avond was launched successfully in April 2013 on tablets and on the web. With the extension on smartphones, De Standaard now also wants to broaden its reach to the most popular mobile devices. The content of dS Avond is very much suited for consumption on the road.

No extra workload of editors

To enable the launch of dS Avond on smartphones, Twipe has extended its Magazine Template family with smartphone variants of the templates. “The publication on smartphones does not entail extra work for our editorial team thanks to the smart Twipe templating solution,” explains Karel Verhoeven, Editor-in-Chief of De Standaard.

dS Avond, a successful digital-only newspaper format

dS Avond appears every day at 17h. It contains a round-up of the news of the day, brought in a light and concise fashion. Every day 1 topic is brought into more depth. The daily digital only publication is prepared by a separate editorial team. The content is typically provided through a series of fixed formats and animated infographics. Cartoons and a daily news puzzle are also included.

Since the launch in 2013, the dS Avond app has been downloaded more than 35.000 times. It has a loyal and returning reader base of 10.000 – 15.000 readers. Read more info here about the key results of this digital only evening newspaper.

New smartphone templates added to Twipe NextGen Magazine Template Family

In order to launch dS Avond on smartphones new smartphone templates have been developed by Twipe.

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