Key takeaways from Silicon Valley

With a group of 30 technology enthusiasts, Danny Lein, Founder & CEO of Twipe, recently participated at the DayAfterTomorrow Tour in the Silicon Valley. Through visits at university labs, start-ups and tech giants, he got a glimpse of what the future will bring.

This magazine summarizes his key takeaways of being immersed one week in Artificial Intelligence, autonomous drones, programming genetic materials and digital currencies.

“If everyone loves your idea, i might be worried that it’s not forward thinking enough.” Chris Dixon, General Partner – Andreessen Horowitz

Read inspiring stories about entrepreneurs with bold ideas and what makes the Silicon Valley so special.



White Paper: “7 Building Blocks for Digital Publishing Success”

This White Paper presents a new, comprehensive framework with 7 key building blocks for newspaper companies to achieve success in digital publishing.

  • Define the best strategy for your organisation
  • Set your journey for digital growth
  • Structure your organization to ease the path to success
  • Introduce the right set of effective processes
  • Develop and manage the full set of systems and solutions
  • Get the right insights from your data
  • Establish an agile and ownership driven company culture

The framework is illustrated with multiple examples and with 2 case studies (De Standaard and L’Edition du Soir).



Trends in Digital Publishing Magazine

Want to know what’s trending in digital media? Need to understand the disruptive forces of the publishing industry? Curious to learn best-in-class practices?

Latest issue:

“From Zero to One. Reinvent yourself” – October 2015

From Zero to One. Reinvent yourself
Are the news start-ups the latest disruptive forces in the newspaper industry? How do long established newspapers react? How do news start-ups manage to have such a huge success? Which is their trick?

Interview with Quartz
Building your own disrupter

Lean Innovation at Ouest-France
The journey of launching a new digital product

The Times
How to move fast in a large organisation


“Innovate or Die?” – December 2014

What are the latest disruptive forces in the newspaper industry? How do innovators react? Which lessons can be learnt?

Big Data and Newspapers

Interview with Nicolas Beauchesne, Managing Director at Fifty-Five

New Publishing Formats

Case Studies NRCQ and dS Avond

Media Strategy

Thomas Baekdal about disruption in the newspaper industry