Tablets & News consumption: a golden combination!

Highlights from the American Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism report.

We see the same results in all research: consuming news ranks as one of the most popular activities on the tablet, about as popular as sending and receiving email (54% email daily on their tablet), and more popular than social networking (39%), gaming (30%), reading books (17%) or watching movies and videos (13%).

Tablet Usage Overall
People are already using the tablet to get news they used to get somewhere else, primarily from their desktop or laptop. And overall they are more than positive about their tablet news experience.

Those who rely mainly on apps for news, represent a kind of power news consumer.
Close to half of this group say they now spend more time getting news than they did before they had their tablet (43%). That is more than twice the rate of those who mainly go through a browser (19%). App users are also more than three times as likely as browser news users to regularly get news from new sources they did not turn to before they had their tablet (58% versus 16% for browser users).
App Users News Habits Stand Out

Conclusion: Tablet publishing remains one of the most important and exciting challenges for all news publishers. Check our solutions and learn how Twipe can help you get your publishing content on any tablet.

Full report can be found here.