Tablets offer better user experience than PC's for digital news consumption according to Reuters Institute

A recent and very insightful survey of the Reuters Digital News Institute  confirmed that tablet owners are heavy digital news consumers.

The tablet is emerging as an important device for news consumers

Of tablet owners, 58% use the device to access news every week in the UK. They are more likely to pay for news content and over 40% say they find the experience better than a PC. In the UK, we find that some newspaper brands with paid apps do significantly better on a tablet than on the open internet – in terms of overall market share.

UK Daily news access by device

Tablet users are most willing to pay for digital news

Other key findings of the survey

  • Smartphones are starting to play a significant role in the consumption of news. One-third of Danish internet users access news stories via a connected mobile every week. More than a quarter of those in the US and UK do the same.
  • There are significant differences in how regularly people keep up with the news across our surveyed countries. Almost 9 in 10 Germans access the news at least once a day compared with only 3 in 4 people in the United Kingdom.

About the Reuters Digital News Institute survey

This study has been commissioned by the Reuters Institute to understand how news is currently being consumed in the UK with a particular focus on digital news consumption and devices used to access the news. A number of the questions were also asked in France, Germany, Denmark, and US to provide an international comparison on key measures. This research was conducted online by YouGov in April 2012.