The new iOS 10 and what it means for publishers

With the new update to Apple’s iOS there are new opportunities for digital publishers. Most importantly the revamped lock screen, can now be customized and shows more widgets. Enabling the user to get a quicker overview of their news. Widgets Widgets on your lock screen can now be added, removed and rearranged. Thus, making the[…]

iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Apple TV and IOS 9 – a great challenge for developers

On September 9th Apple has presented its second keynote of the year introducing the latest developments of their products. We were expecting major changes to IOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPad, as well as a brand new iPhone. The rumors proved to be right once again and the news couldn’t have been better. We[…]

The Guardian favours hybrid apps, combining HTML5 within native apps

Andy Hume, the Guardian’s front-end architect explains in a blogpost  very concisely why The Guardian is strongly in favor of hybrid apps. A hybrid app combines the benefits of integrating HTML5 content within native technologies. As such the rendering engine of the specific platform is leveraged as to provide the best possible user experience. At the[…]