Better audience metrics key to monetize mobile & video

  As consumers are turning to mobile and video, publishers need to find new ways to create, distribute and monetize content. Aol talked to more than 300 premium publishers in the U.S. to understand the changes at play, identify the challenges and opportunities they see and how data and automation are empowering them. All this[…]

"What happens in the U.S. publishing landscape will happen here — we just don’t know how quickly"

Niemandlab talked to the Europeans and Brits and the conversations parallel those in the States: shrinking print circulation; declining classifieds; print ad revenues dropping steadily. “What happens in the U.S. will happen here — we just don’t know how quickly,”

They looked at three European news companies taking the lead in developing new business models to maintain and increase revenues.


Internet Trends 2011- mobile revolution ready for tremendous growth

The leading venture firm KPCB presented this week its report on Internet trends 2011. It distills the mega-trends defining today’s Internet – including social, local, mobile and the fast-growing world of e-commerce . Some of the key-elements: The mobile revolution is still in its infancy and poised for tremendous growth. In the US and WEU[…]