Media CEOs count on smartphones and tablets for digital growth

Ernst & Young surveyed CEOs from global entertainment and media companies for a September 2012 study on digital growth. Global media and entertainment CEOs are optimistic about the digital future and expect digital revenue will be a rapidly increasing percentage of overall revenue for media companies. The study revealed that the media and news industry[…]

Tablets offer better user experience than PC's for digital news consumption according to Reuters Institute

A recent and very insightful survey of the Reuters Digital News Institute  confirmed that tablet owners are heavy digital news consumers. The tablet is emerging as an important device for news consumers Of tablet owners, 58% use the device to access news every week in the UK. They are more likely to pay for news content[…]

Survey shows that Kindle Fire owners are happy with their purchase but not iPad-happy

Do Kindle Fire owners still like their devices now that they’ve had a few months to kick the tires? A new survey indicates that for the most part, they’re more pleased with their purchase than those who bought other Android tablets last year but less satisfied than iPad owners. Changewave Research, which conducts surveys of[…]

Internet Trends 2011- mobile revolution ready for tremendous growth

The leading venture firm KPCB presented this week its report on Internet trends 2011. It distills the mega-trends defining today’s Internet – including social, local, mobile and the fast-growing world of e-commerce . Some of the key-elements: The mobile revolution is still in its infancy and poised for tremendous growth. In the US and WEU[…]