The Guardian favours hybrid apps, combining HTML5 within native apps

Andy Hume, the Guardian’s front-end architect explains in a blogpost  very concisely why The Guardian is strongly in favor of hybrid apps. A hybrid app combines the benefits of integrating HTML5 content within native technologies. As such the rendering engine of the specific platform is leveraged as to provide the best possible user experience. At the same time the articles are rendered in the ubiquitous and highly standardized HTML language.

HTML is an extremely stable and trustworthy format. If there’s any format I’d be willing to bet on long-term (and I mean long-long-term), it’s HTML.

– Andy Hume, Front-end Architect, The Guardian


At Twipe we share this belief. We recently have launched our Android front-end app as a hybrid application. Also our Real-Time Mobile News platform is using hybrid app technology. Keep on eye on this blog as we will be rolling out more hybrid apps in the months to come.