The unlimited options HTML5 gives infographics

It is starting to become one of the new buzzwords HTML5 has brought to the world. And by world we don’t just mean the advertising world. It has also taken the publishing world by storm.


But before we can go into further detail, let’s start at the beginning. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data and knowledge. By using HTML5, the static illustration contains a whole bunch of interactive images that hold a lot of information.

Research has shown we learn more, faster and we remember longer when information reaches us through visual content. Infographics do just that, and more. By simply tapping and swiping, users obtain new information without having to work for it. This gives people a whole new way to pass on information.

One of the great subjects to use infographics for, are the elections for the republican presidential candidate in the United States.. The candidates are traveling from State to State, hoping to get enough votes to go head to head with Barack Obama for the presidency. But how can you get good insight on who has the lead in that race? Infographics help a great deal.

Today, De Standaard HD app brings us a great example. From month to month, they display the States in which was voted. And more importantly, who has won.

The detail in which they can show their information, is overwhelming. In a normal newspaper, all the information this infographics shows, would have to be spread over (at least) six separate images. Using HTML5, it is possible to get a monthly overview in one interactive image. When you are curious if Mitt Romney led the race from the start, you can just tap on the month of February. Besides the winner per State, it even shows you who was the runner up was.

Besides looking back, the infographic also takes a look at the future. In this example, it shows which State gets to vote in what month. To top it all off, every part of the infographic keeps the important basic information. The dates of the republican, democrats conventions and of the presidential elections, but also the pictures of the candidates and which color they represent on the map.

Think of all the possibilities infographics offer and see for yourself that the possibilities are limitless.