Twipe Publishing apps are "New iPad" ready

With the New iPad, came a new resolution. 2048 by 1536 pixels is a pretty big step from the old 1024 by 768. But this could bring problems for your digital publications.

Think about it; the same screen size gets four times the amount of pixels. This means that the content offered on that screen has to be ‘New iPad” ready. If it’s not, you’ll see the pixels and the images or text that you are trying to read won’t be sharp.

At Twipe, we don’t see this as a problem. Even before we knew the New iPad would have a 2048×1538 screen, we were working with PDF files instead of images to guarantee the best reading experience.  PDF’s are bigger in size, but as a result, you can zoom in on them in any resolution without losing quality. Normal images, like .jpg or .png, get blown up. Pixels become bigger and you don’t have a smooth outcome.

Learn more about our Standard PDF Viewer.