Twipe. Tools. – The perfect tool to manage your publications

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The most complete digital publishing tool

Twipe. Tools. is the complete set of tools you need to manage all your digital publications. It’s a one stop shop to create your publications, to send push notifications and to get valuable insights.

The Twipe. Tools. are built around 5 different modules:

Twipe. Editor. – Create stunning publications

Twipe. Editor. allows you to create stunning articles and HTML5 publications and to publish on all mobile devices and web. Twipe. Editor. connects with your CMS and Ad-Server to import all your articles and ads automatically.

Twipe. Notifications. – Send personal reading triggers

With Twipe. Notifications. you send personal reading triggers to your subscribers. Write a personalized message, select a group of recipients, choose the type of alert and schedule your notification.

Twipe. Insights – Learn faster 

Twipe. Insights. provides you a deep understanding of your publications’ usage and downloads. Keep track of your daily usage on every device and any publication. Receive daily reviews in your inbox or choose to export monthly or annual extracts.

Twipe. Support. – Help your readers

Twipe. Support. provides you an easy and fast way to help your subscribers when needed. Search for a user and view her or his full profile. Once you are on a profile, check downloads and message logs and modify configuration settings.

Twipe. Workflow. – Manage your own workflow

Twipe. Workflow. module offers you a real-time overview of the different steps in the publication process. If necessary, it allows you to easily reimport your publication and republish your publications yourself.


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