Twipe’s first Hackathon!

On Tuesday April 1st, 2014 the first Twipe Hackathon was held at Twipe its HQ in Leuven, Belgium. A Hackawhat? A Hackathon, an event organized by software developers for software developers.

What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Some Hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software –

How does it work?

Every participant of the Hackathon can promote a project he would like to see developed. From the 8 participants of this first Hackathon 5 participants proposed a project:

  • Create an Advertising test tool
  • Revamp the website
  • Convert the Silverlight editor into HTML
  • Create a Twipe app using the Magazine Template family with the content from this blog
  • Automatically start a Jenkins build on Git push
At the beginning of the Hackathon the projects are pitched for 5 minutes by its promoter. From the 5 projects, 3 projects were selected.

In the front: Minh is working on a new homepage for the Twipe website. In the back: Wouter, Ruud and Yannick are working on an advertisement tool. On the Right: Vladimir and Richard trying to find a solution for their connection issues.

Create an Advertising test tool

A screenshot of the Android Advertisement Test Tool

Promoter: Anthony
Developers: Ruud, Wouter, Yannick

“We often receive HTML5 ads from advertisers that are not 100% functional in our NextGen Webviewer.” says Anthony, a Project Manager at Twipe. “It generates a lot of frustrations by the advertisers and by the Twipe support team” continues Yannick, Senior Software Designer.
This team of four developed a tool to easily test advertisement pages in our apps. They decided to develop it on Android. “I wanted this project to be a real challenge. I’ve never written one line of Android code and I was really curious how it worked”, says Ruud, Software Developer. “The guys did a great job, although, they still need to learn a lot!”, smiles Wouter our Android and iOS veteran.

Revamp the Website

Promoter: Minh

“Our app customers know us for our high eye for detail and quality apps. It is this eye for detail that I miss a little bit in our Twipe website”, says Minh, HTML5/Javascript Developer. He shows me a mockup of how he would implement the website. Its really nice, lighter, less text, but stronger visuals. Every navigation between a page results in a horizontal swipe, like you’re swiping through one of our apps. This new website has a lot of potential and I hope we can implement it soon!

Participants of the Hackathon enjoying a pizza and abeer before the code madness begins.

Automatically start a Jenkins build from Git push

Promoter: Richard
Developer: Vladimir, Andries

“As developers we lose a lot of time creating builds in order to test our code. In order to continuously improve our development process we were investigating if it was possible to push our code from Git and have our Jenkins build server generate a build automatically”, explains Richard, iOS Developer. “It took us a lot of time defining how we could connect those two pieces of software” continuous Vladimir, Senior Software Developer. “When we finally found the solution it was already 11pm, so we had to stop” concludes Andries. But no worries guys!

Hackathon  V2

Part of a Hackathon is that most projects are always just finished or almost finished. But that’s the fun part of a Hackathon, it initiates new projects and new idea’s that afterwards with small extra effort, result in new developments! We at Twipe are really looking forward to the next Hackathon!