White Paper: 7 Building Blocks for Digital Publishing Success

The launch of the iPad back in 2010 created new hopes in newspaper boardrooms to grow their digital publishing revenues. Five years and many experiments later, the business results are mixed and the challenges to succeed have increased.

White Paper

A few incumbents like The Financial Times, VG and Bild report significant success in growing and monetizing their digital audiences. Many others are still struggling with the new digital paradigm. Moreover, new deep-pocket international entrants like Buzzfeed, Vox, Flipboard and Huffington Post have rapidly grown and potentially threaten the core business of existing players.

Which strategies and tactics have been applied by successful companies? Which levers are available for key managers to achieve results? What can traditional news publishers learn from successful digital-native companies like Airbnb, Facebook, etc?

This White Paper presents a new, comprehensive framework with 7 key building blocks for newspaper companies to achieve success in digital publishing. 

Twipe 7 Building Blocks For Success In Digital Publishing

  • Define the best strategy for your organization
  • Set your journey for digital growth
  • Structure your organization to ease the path to success
  • Introduce the right set of effective processes
  • Develop and manage the full set of systems and solutions
  • Get the right insights from your data
  • Establish an agile and ownership driven company culture

The framework is illustrated with multiple examples and with 2 case studies (De Standaard and L’Edition du Soir).