Will the dominance of iPad end in 2013?

Since the introduction of the first Android tablet and with the launch of Windows 8 intelligent information hubs, market analysts, bloggers and mobile evangelists have been trying to forecast the market shares of the different operating systems. Beginning 2012 Gartner announced their forecasts in tablet sales per OS, predicting a strong dominance of iOS in the tablet market.

Now new evidence suggests that the iOS dominance in the tablet market might be vanishing quicker than anticipated. A new report of ABI Research found out that in November 2012 Apple iPads only accounted for 55% of the shipments. This is the slimmest lead Apple ever had, and represents a dip of 14 percent versus the previous quarter. At this rate, Android could overtake the iPad in tablet share sometime this year, something which seemed unlikely or even impossible in 2010 and 2011.

Furthermore Microsoft launched their first Windows 8 tablet (Surface) in Q4 2012. Some early signs indicate that Microsoft might have chance to build up volume in the business channel. Recently British Telecom bought 5900 Windows 8 tablets from Panasonic.