Twipe is a Belgian technology company based in Leuven. We offer a state-of-the-art digital publishing and analytics SaaS platform, developed in close collaboration with leading newspapers across Europe. We are innovation and technology leaders in the area of digital edition based publishing. Every month, 8 million digital editions are downloaded from our platform. We help newspapers including The Telegraph, Le Monde and Ouest-France grow their subscription and reader revenues.

Our innovation capability has been recognised by Google, which has granted Twipe funding from its Digital News Initiative fund three times already. We are actively investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand and predict reader preferences and optimize their reading experiences.

Our journey of helping the newspaper industry to build sustainable digital business models through collaborative innovation on a shared cloud platform

Since the advent of the internet, newspapers have undergone a significant shock in their business model. Powerful tech giants like Facebook or Google have taken important positions in the world of content distribution and attracted a major stake in the advertising market. The abundance of free news and the development of fake news add additional complexity. More than ever, newspapers are turning towards their readers to build up sustainable subscriber models. 

Newspapers and journalism are an essential part of our society and news media organizations have played a key role throughout history. At Twipe we are committed to helping the industry thrive and adapt by leveraging the latest technologies and innovations. 

Danny Lein, CEO at Twipe

Read more about our mission, our core values, and our technology platform in a founding essay from our CEO Danny Lein.

Twipe is fast, innovative, genuine, exceptional, and data driven.

  • Fast: We always deliver our projects on time.
  • Innovative: We are highly creative and strive to accomplish things in a manner that no one has done before.
  • Genuine: We are sincere, trustworthy and reliable.
  • Exceptional: We are committed to creating the best products and services.
  • Data driven: We use data to drive our decisions.

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