BILDplus doubles its subscribers in a fully growing German digital news market

With worldwide sales of daily print newspapers and magazines continuing to fall, publishers are pursuing different strategies for the transition to online business models. Still, the transition remains anything but straightforward. Returns from digital advertising have been falling for years and made worse by lower rates on mobile. But in general, only a few specialist[…]

6 instances when the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Times and other newspapers ditched their paywall and when you should too

  Today’s digital press continues to experiment and struggle with news monetization. But when something that previously cost money becomes free, different questions arise: what made it not-free to begin with, why is it free now, and why isn’t it always free? When and why do publishers circulate news “freely” and what do such moments[…]

NYTimes, The Guardian, BuzzFeed and WSJ approach on Push Notifications

As we’ve already learned last year, sending the right push notification at the right moment is one of the biggest challenges of today’s newsrooms. With an eye on the most recent updates of The New York Times, let’s have a look at their strategy for push alerts and how other publishers like The Guardian, BuzzFeed[…]

Medium – the new one stop shop for publishers

Medium has updated its business strategy by implementing monetization options and has announced Medium for Publishers. The new platform is designed to empower publishers and bloggers across the world by offering them a new set of tools to promote and monetize their content. “We want to make it even easier for publications to do what[…]

Is Facebook a publisher’s friend?

One year ago, Facebook started to prioritise publisher’s content and video when they announced Instant Article. Last week, Facebook reported to show more posts from friends and family over content coming from Pages. Should businesses and publishers that rely on Facebook for customer engagement and referral traffic be worried? The new changes to the feed[…]

5 books to get inspired during summer holidays

Whether you’re looking for a good read or want to make sure you’re not missing out the trends, it’s worth checking out these 5 titles. From algorithms and machine learning to a look inside Google Ventures’ unique five-day process for solving tough problems, we’ve picked our favorite business books, a must-read during the summer holidays:[…]

My Twipe Days 2.0

At Twipe, every 6 months, we take 2 days off from our day-to-day jobs and projects, and develop new amazing ideas. We call these: ‘My Twipe Days’, as it is about all Twipees, our ideas and what makes us happy at work. The management team meets at another location so we have complete freedom. Everyone is encouraged to take[…]

3 Important Takeaways From Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report for Publishers

Last week, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins and a well-known industry analyst gave her annual Internet Trends Report. This year, Meeker reports on slowing smart phone sales; the growing mobile ad industry and ad blocking; the video-usage on social media; the future of transportation; and the rise of messaging, bots, and voice-based assistants. Here are[…]

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