News 2050: a 30-year outlook for the media

Written by, Alan Hunter, former Head of Digital at The Times and Nick Petrie, former Deputy Head of Digital at The Times, now Deputy Digital News Director at News media executives often comfort themselves that the digital world is moving so fast that “you can’t predict what’s going to happen next year, let alone[…]

“Today in history”: how AI helps to monetize evergreen archive content at Ouest France

“Today in history” has been the inspiration for a 2 year collaborative research project between Ouest-France and Twipe. The project aimed to explore the potential of a format like “This day in history” at scale. Today we share a summary of this unique and proprietary research and dive into key achievements and top 5 learnings.[…]

Key Takeaways from the INMA Subscriptions Summit

One week ago INMA concluded this year’s Subscriptions Summit. There is a nostalgia to this event as last year’s edition in New York was arguably the last time we all gathered face-to-face for a week of workshops and talks.  This year, the team at INMA assembled a great virtual line-up of media innovation cases from all around the globe. From the 13+ hours of zoom sessions, we selected[…]

3 learnings from University study of different digital edition formats

There is no doubt editions are making a comeback. Last year both Reuters Institute and Poynter talked about the resurgence of edition formats and for everybody following the INMA Subscription Summit in the past two weeks, we heard the idea that replica is a thing of the past being challenged also by Asian publishers. While[…]

French publishers raising the bar for digital growth and innovation

With some of the most powerful non-English news brands coming from France, French publishers have kept an open mind for digital innovation and transformation. At Twipe, we have a long history of collaborating with French publishers and we are proud to serve with our platform companies like Ouest-France, Le Monde, Le Parisien, Centre-France, Le Telegramme[…]

Audio articles: the next frontier in edition strategies

For close to a decade at Twipe we have been advocates for edition-based publishing strategies. We have defined what an edition is in today’s world, explored how digital editions help create new reader habits, and learned from successful launches of new edition products. Recently we have also started to explore the role audio plays in[…]

How publishers in France and Germany are placing the ePaper in the center of their digital strategies

Every quarter at Twipe, we host a roadmap session for our customers. The session highlights what’s coming down the pipeline and shares certain stats about our platform, but the biggest reason we host this session is so our customers can learn from each other. We believe the media industry can be successful through cooperation with[…]

“Product is queen”: thoughts on the role product plays in news

Awareness of the importance of product thinking has been growing in recent years, and in 2020 we saw the launch of the News Product Alliance which will help bring the media industry’s understanding of product forward. Product will drive the industry because we need to have the customer at the centre of everything. I once heard content is[…]

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