2020 – The Year of the Edition

Last week, the Reuters Institute called for the “revival of editions” in 2020. In our recent conversations with publishers, we have also started to see signs of a shift towards reinvesting in edition products. That’s why we believe 2020 will be the year of the edition. Understanding what exactly an edition is in the digital[…]

Learnings from this year's Reuters predictions

Every year the Reuters Institute surveys news media leaders on what they will be focusing on for the next year. This year’s report is full of valuable insights and is definitely well worth a read. We have identified the top trends publishers will need to account for in their 2020 strategies. Reader revenues reign supreme More and[…]

Optimising onboarding for net subscription growth

As more publishers mature in their reader revenue strategies in 2020, it becomes crucial to retain subscribers to have overall net subscription growth. The first phase of a subscriber’s journey is critical for their retention, as shown by research from News UK, The Wall Street Journal and more. As an inspiration for optimising your onboarding[…]

Nieman Lab's predictions for 2020: our top picks

Every year Nieman Lab asks leading media innovators what they think is coming in the new year. We’ve read through all these predictions and highlighted a few key predictions that publishers will need to keep in mind in 2020. Find the full list of predictions here. Reader UX standards set by tech giants This should[…]

The biggest mistakes to avoid with your ePaper

In our discussions with publishers, we often notice higher standards applied to websites than ePapers. This is intriguing, knowing the level of reader engagement of the latter, and seeing steady yearly growth of ePapers in the past eight years. Publishers often tell us their ePaper readers are their most engaged and loyal readers, and on[…]

6 trends from this year to keep in mind for your 2020 strategy

2020 will be here in just a few weeks, so we’re taking a minute to look back at how the news media industry has changed in 2019 and what this means for your future strategy. 1. Editions make a comeback At Twipe, we have long been believers of the importance of editions in a publisher’s[…]

News Podcasts and the Opportunities for Publishers

There’s no better way to wrap up our “Business of Audio” series for 2019 than digging into the latest report from Retuers on news podcasts and the opportunities for publishers. This report looks at the 15 year old phenomenon that is suddenly a ‘hot topic’ in the publishing industry, addressing two areas that we think[…]

Learnings from 2019’s best news industry conferences

As you work on your plans for 2020, we have gathered our top learnings from this year’s industry events (and key working areas for us at Twipe) to help inform your strategy.  #1. Growing subscriptions at #DigtalSubsParis (March, Paris) Matthew Skibinski, consultant from the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, confirmed the importance of emails and registered users for likelihood to subscribe, and he[…]

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