Twipe Replica ePaper Initial Features List

The ePaper Migration Program implies delivery of 5 Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet and Webapp) with the following base of features:

  • Home screen cover view mode
  • Archive (30 days)
  • Replica Viewer
  • Article Lightbox
  • Top and bottom navigation
  • Social Sharing
  • Hamburger menu with quick access to past 10 editions, supplements and archive

The installation set up covers:

  • Twipe Digital Publishing Platform setup (product configuration)
  • Highly optimised webapp and iOS and Android Apps
  • Content integration:
    • Import of PDF and articles
    • Additional imports (ex: hors-series) are possible and need to be integrated
  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Subscription Integration
    • In-App Purchases
    • Trial publications
  • Twipe Tools:
    • Support
    • Insights
    • Workflow
    • Push Notifications
  • Styling of the Apps
  • Customization of layout elements (app, article lightbox)
  • Apps Publishing and Store Release to iTunes and Google Play Store
  • Standard integration of Google Analytics

The design and features of the Twipe Replica+ Apps can be consulted live on apps such as Journal Le Monde (on iOS, Android, and WebApp)

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