March 18, 2022

My first year in the Business Development Team at Twipe – Matt Lynes

As a person with a longstanding interest in journalism and media, coming to work for Twipe was a no-brainer. The ability to learn more about news publishing and meet with people from some of the biggest news titles across the world were big factors for joining the team.

My first year at Twipe has been a rollercoaster ride. But that is exactly how it should be in a fast-paced scale-up! Joining Twipe amid a pandemic in March 2021 could have been difficult, but in a team of outgoing and friendly faces this was certainly not the case.

Life in the Biz Dev team

When hiring new colleagues at Twipe, we always say that you can have an impact from day one. That was certainly the case for me. In my first week at Twipe, I had already published my first article and newsletter, taken control of social media, and been involved in the preparation for an industry webinar. The ability to learn and grow were obvious from my very first training session. This has not stopped, having published over 50 articles in our future of news blog and currently in the process of developing some insightful research reports.

Attending training sessions from each Twipe team was great to get an overall idea about the work of my colleagues. Coming from a non-technical background, it was the perfect opportunity to learn about the basics of Twipe’s technology and it was important to learn that with Twipe’s open culture of feedback, there is no question too stupid to ask!

Inside the Business Development team, the experience has been excellent. Despite not being directly involved in our SaaS sales, my communications and research work have helped to bring new ideas and broaden the focus of the Business Development team. I have been welcomed and able to shape my content marketing role in my own vision.

Initially joining to make an international team of 4, we have quickly doubled in size in my first year. This has meant I have been able to learn new skills and pass them on to new joiners, proactively developing my leadership and mentoring skills.

Knowledge sharing at the Digital Growth Summit

A highlight of my first year at Twipe was the Digital Growth Summit. On top of producing weekly research about the publishing industry, the ability to play a role in hosting a global publishing event was amazing. In the run up to the event, I was responsible for announcing our world class speakers and getting some to participate in our exclusive speaker series article project. This put me in first hand contact with some huge names in publishing. It also allowed me to gain fascinating insights from them.

Whilst the event sadly had to take place in a hybrid format due to the ongoing pandemic, I was lucky enough to meet some of our fantastic speakers in person. The event helped me to expand my network and see how a successful industry event can function. We are already well in the process of organising our 2022 Digital Growth Summit. Sign-up to our newsletter to stay updated.

Life at Twipe beyond the office

Despite the pandemic, I have been lucky enough to meet all my fellow Twipees and share some great experiences with them. The close-knit nature of Twipees has really helped me to settle into the role. One of the best things about being a Twipee is the ability to get to know people from all different backgrounds.

Throughout my first year, social events have included a virtual cooking class, a weekend trip to the Ardennes, a Harry Potter themed escape room and an online cocktail masterclass – not to forget the daily lunchtime table football matches and walks. Our Business Development team have even started a lunch time running club!

I was even lucky enough to join in with the Twipe 10-year anniversary celebrations. Here, I met Twipees new and old to and celebrated the formative years of the company. Being a Twipee is about so much more than just work. This is central to the day-to-day life at Twipe.

If the fast-paced and frantic life at Twipe sounds like your cup of tea, then check out our latest openings.

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