My first year at Twipe as a Young Grad in the Business Development Squad

If you ended up in this blog post, you are probably looking for some information about the work culture at Twipe (or if you are here by accident then apply to be a Young Graduate in Business Management here). If that’s the case, I truly hope that sharing my experience will help guide your decision and give you an idea of what is waiting for you here at Twipe.

After graduating with a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship I was looking for a company that would allow me to take ownership from day 1 and have an immediate impact in order to fast-track my growth as a professional.

Since the very first interactions, I was impressed with Twipe, and I saw in the people interviewing me that same hunger and drive that was motivating me. When I was then introduced to the Young Graduate Programme and to all the incredible projects my future colleague Mary-Katharine was responsible for just after a couple of years I was sold and, luckily enough, I made it through the selection process.

My experience at Twipe

After joining Twipe as a Young Grad in the Business Development squad, it did not take me long to realise that my instinct was right. In a matter of a few weeks, I had already taken on ownership of our website and learned entirely new things for me such as how to use Photoshop and how to write HTML and CSS.

Soon after, I was already building my network and industry knowledge through our Digital Growth Summit, where we hosted hundreds of news media leaders in Berlin.

In the following months, I took on the lead for the expansion of our business in strategically important markets such as France, Southern Europe, Scandinavia, and Austria. I found myself, a recent graduate, talking to C-level news executives all over Europe.

This would already be enough to define my experience as extraordinary, but it is only a fraction of what I was exposed to at Twipe. Other things that come to mind include taking ownership of the optimization of internal processes, speaking at live webinars in front of hundreds of experienced professionals, leading a workshop with the largest publisher in Scandinavia, and presenting the results at an international event in the same time slot of The New York Times…and I could continue!

But what really impressed me in this journey is the spirit I breathe every day at Twipe. We all know that this year was not a conventional one and seeing how this team has reacted to such harsh conditions has further shown me the resilience of this company. Every single person at Twipe is driven by rare motivation and dissatisfaction with the status quo, to the point that we did not only manage to shift to remote work during the lockdown, but we actually set up conditions that allowed us to thrive in this environment.

What comes next?

There is never a shortage of challenges at Twipe and, as time passes by, I find myself taking more and more initiatives and further growing my skillset every day. Here I found outstanding guidance in my experienced colleagues and I am incredibly grateful for the possibilities I am offered.

I am happy to say that following the end of my Young Graduate Programme, I am now part of the Business Development team as Market Expansion Lead. In my role I have been able to visit publishers across Scandinavia and Italy to speak with them about how we can help them to bring their news products and subscriber strategies to the next level.

Presenting to the team at our 2022 Team Learning Session

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Riccardo Fredro
Market Expansion Lead at Twipe

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