May 25, 2022

My internship in the Twipe Business Development Team – Bruno Alva

As I was getting closer to graduation, like many students my age, I wanted to gain some real world working experience. When evaluating my options, Twipe immediately stood out. From the beginning of the recruiting process, you start to get a feel of what this company is really about: a set of passionate people who strive to accomplish Twipe’s mission, whilst improving themselves in the process. The beauty of Twipe is that you can do this without ever having to sacrifice having a good time or doing what you love with people you like. 

Experience guaranteed

When you first start working at Twipe, there is definitely no way to describe it. You hit the ground running. During the hiring process, I was told that I could start doing important work from day one. At first, I thought this was just some corporate speak, but with Twipe this was actually true. From my first week as a very green business student, I was already taking part in the big and important processes that help the company to accomplish their goals. I got to learn how a very well established company operates and about the processes that are vital to maintain the expansion which Twipe is currently going through.

One thing which really helped me to embrace the culture was the great contagious mentality and drive displayed by every single Twipee. The overall warm environment at Twipe encourages you to grow and develop. You know that at the end of the day, even if you make a rare mistake, a whole team of people are there to correct you in such a wonderful way that you will not feel as if you’ve misstepped.

What can you expect besides work?

Unfortunately, I was only a Twipee for 5 months, but I got to experience some of the great activities that make you feel part of a bigger family. These ranged from the first online after work cocktail workshop to a whole range of different webinars/conferences that complemented your knowledge on topics such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. There is no week that feels the same.

The colleagues will make you feel as though you’re at home, whether it is with a kicker game that makes you think you’re hanging out with friends or a peaceful walk through the beautiful forest-like landscapes that conveniently surround the office. 

Despite everyone having defined positions, there is a lot of fluidity so that people can take part in any project that suits their interests, even if it is not within their department. This includes sales people joining projects in the product team and HR immersing themselves in marketing and campaigns. To me, this made it clear that the only limit to your work at Twipe is the amount of growth you want to do.

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