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How publishers leveraged Black Friday & Cyber Monday in their subscriber strategies

Black Friday deals come thick and fast, and often it is difficult to see which deal best suits your needs. With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals across the publishing industry, we decided to analyse the offers from different publishers and the strategies that they deployed. A push to digital After a sift[…]

Surprising subscription growth across the world

The pandemic accelerated success for publishers big and small. As we approach the end of 2021, it is a great time to celebrate some of the subscription success across the globe. From 0 to 120,000 Building a subscription business is a tough challenge, especially from scratch. But, El Pais saw their subscription launch accelerated by[…]

Die Entwicklung der Nutzung von E-Papers in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Guest Article from Rieke Preuss Die regionalen Zeitungen digital zu lesen wird immer beliebter in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Immer mehr Menschen entscheiden sich dazu ein Abonnement abzuschließen. Ein Vergleich zwischen dem dritten Quartal von 2020 und dem dritten Quartal von 2021. Fast ausnahmslos alle Regionalzeitungen in Nordrhein-Westfalen schafften es ihren Verkauf von E-Papers im Vergleich zum Vorjahr[…]

“50 ways to make media pay”: A look at the future of publisher revenue generation

Making media pay is at the forefront of publisher’s revenue strategies for the future. For publishers, this has involved focusing on the subscription market, yet publishers are still struggling to find the right strategies to make people pay. UBS predict that the subscription market will be worth $1.5 trillion by 2025. Understanding the best ways[…]

7 lessons from interviewing 7 news media innovators

To learn about publishing and its future, speaking with those involved in the frontline is a must. At the Digital Growth Summit 2021, we held exclusive interviews with 7 leaders from publishers including Le Monde, Le Parisien and The Times, to ask them: What has been the most unexpected change in the news industry over[…]

The strategic role of ePapers being leveraged across the world

In a world where we are seeing the process of digitalisation tearing through society and people show greater awareness to the problems facing the planet, the ePaper has become a strategic solution for publishers. Throughout the pandemic, ePaper consumption grew worldwide. This is a trend that has continued. 60.6% of publishers told our survey that[…]

4 Cases of Innovation in Audience Revenue Growth

Finding the right way to diversify revenue streams can be a struggle for publishers. But as they are becoming hubs of innovation, publishers are in a great place to explore new innovative ways to create audience revenue. Taking inspiration from this week’s Newsrewired summit, we explore some of the top cases in the industry on[…]

Bundles, AI, Analytics and Apps: What are the future value creators for publishers?

Earlier this year, some of you took part in a survey about reader revenue strategies and technology trends – thanks to all who responded! The results of these will be included in the next research report from the Reinventing Digital Editions series (sign-up here for an early copy). Today, we share a sneak peak from[…]

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