November 4, 2022

Our Twipe Frontend 2022 Summer Interns – Anton Lintermans and Vincent De Boulle

At Twipe each summer, we welcome a cohort of interns to join our teams. During our internship programme, students are able to get valuable experience in the working world and interns bring fresh perspectives to challenge existing processes. This summer, Anton Lintermans and Vincent De Boulle joined our Frontend team. Read on to hear about their experience in the team and why they chose Twipe.

Why did you choose to do your summer internship at Twipe?

Anton: I was at the VTK jobfair this year looking for internships and I noticed the Twipe booth. I recognised the name from advertising and events but didn’t know what they did. After a short discussion they explained to me what Twipe did and with which technologies they worked with. It was the people who I talked to and the technologies that were used that attracted me to apply for an internship. Then after the interviews, seeing the office and meeting the team, it looked like a great company to work for.  

Vincent: I initially heard about Twipe at the VTK Internship and Job fair. The main reason why I applied for the Twipe internship was the Hackathon they organised during the academic year. It was a really fun event and even then, you could see how great the vibe was at Twipe and between the Twipees. 

Which projects did you work on and what stood out?

Vincent: My work was to migrate apps from the third generation of Twipe apps to the fourth generation and improve and automate this process. In addition, I set up whole new apps and even made two proof of concepts for new clients. It was really interesting to work on all these different things. Even as an intern, you get a great amount of responsibility and have an impact on the company from day one. 

Thus, my internship was not one big project, it was rather many small projects for different clients. This made it very instructive and interesting to work on. You always have different difficulties to face and it is satisfying every time an app is finished. A standout moment of my internship would be the day that four apps were migrated in one day. In the beginning of my internship, it took more than a day to migrate one app, so it was nice to see that your improvements really helped. 

Anton: I mainly worked on the AppsV4 migration team, where I made improvements on the automation process of migrating an app from the third generation of Twipe apps to the fourth generation. To test those improvements, I also set up 5 new apps. I also did some work for the web team, where I did some NextGen styling and set up the NextGen base styling needed for the Article Light Boxes in AppsV4. Two key things stood out for me:

  1. The first time we got the setup script for the v4 apps to run for a new client and we saw the application running on our simulators. It was a special moment, because without much effort we had made our own app.  
  1. To speed up the process we made an excel sheet where now all the input for the new application will be stored. Seeing the whole template completed after man many hours was very special.  

How did you find the vibe being part of the dynamic Twipe team?

Anton: It was a particularly enjoyable experience to be able to do so many distinct things, but at the same time work on a main goal. The nice part about it all was that we met every team along the way and learned how they worked and with which technologies. The overall vibe was amazing. Everyone is very friendly, you can always ask questions and everyone is eager to learn, which makes for a very good vibe. 

Vincent: The vibe is even better than you could believe when you work at Twipe. Everyone is very open and willing to help. You can always ask questions and you will always get answers. This way, I really could improve my knowledge on different areas. You really got to know how a smaller upcoming company like Twipe work. 

Would you recommend Twipe to future interns?

Vincent: Twipe really invest time into their interns. You get different trainings about all kind of things that happen at Twipe. This way, you get the full picture of how all teams at Twipe work. They organise a Pizza & Game afterwork so that the interns can get to know all the Twipees. They even organised a CEO lunch, so that interns could ask the CEO all kind of questions. So, I would definitely recommend to all other students to do an internship at Twipe. You improve your skills whilst having fun. 

Anton: Of course, not only because I went to Tomorrowland (a real dream come true), but because you learn a lot on every level. It’s also one of the nicest environments I’ve been able to work in. I can honestly say that I will miss working for Twipe so, I would recommend it to anyone.  

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