February 10, 2020

Research Reports

Twipe’s research is the result of data gathered on our platform and insights provided by industry experts we talk to every day. We have realised that all this knowledge had to be shared and that is why we embarked on the multi-year research project ‘Reinventing Digital Editions’ in 2017. We have currently published two reports in this series with our intermediary findings, and we are working now on the third report. For questions, comments, or if you wish to collaborate in our next stages of research, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Digital Only Editions

In this Report we have analysed the best examples of digital-only publishing. We have interviewed their creators to understand why readers appreciate editions and what are the characteristics that makes them unique.


News Reader Habits

In this Report we examine the motivation and habits of nearly 4,000 news consumers in six European countries and the United States towards digital news formats and their willingness to pay for these products.


JAMES Report

James – Your Digital Butler

In this Report we have synthesised the scope, goals and results of our collaborative project with The Times – JAMES. We describe the methodology adopted and how we achieved a 49% decrease in churn levels using personalised triggers.


Habit Forming Products

In this Report we gathered years of research on habit formation and applied it to the news media industry. You will find actionable insights on how to create a successful digital product that can develop habits in your readers.


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