June 29, 2022


In our resources section, you can find several Twipe developed resources to help develop your strategies and to learn more about Twipe and our products. Stay up to date with our resources by signing up to our newsletter. To see our products in action don’t hesitate to book a demo.

Guide to successful digital editions

This Whitepaper takes a look at the power of edition-based publishing and provides a guide for successful news editions in the digital age. In the guide you will learn many key lessons about digital editions, including who edition readers are, how newspaper editions are defined in the digital age and how to create a successful digital edition.


Habit Formation Canvas

Based on the research we conducted for the third chapter of our series “Reinventing Digital Editions“, we developed the first Habit Formation Canvas for News Media Products. You can download the Canvas Template below including two examples that can help you better understand this powerful tool. If you want to know more about how to use it or would like to bring this knowledge to your organisation contact us.


Join the Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2022

The Digital Growth Summit is an exclusive event which gathers senior media innovators to discuss the future of news.

Buy your early bird ticket for our 2022 event taking place on the 19th October in London.