Twipe Digital Publishing Platform

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The most complete digital publishing tool

The Twipe Tools are built around 5 different modules.

Editor – Create stunning publications

Create and publish on all mobile devices and web. Connects with your CMS and Ad-Server to import all your articles and ads automatically.

Notifications – Send personal reading triggers

Send personal reading triggers to your subscribers. Write a personalized message, select a group of recipients, choose the type of alert, and schedule your notification.

Insights – Learn faster

Receive a deep understanding of the usage and downloads of your publications. Keep track of your daily usage on every device and any publication.

Support – Help your readers

The easy and fast way to help your subscribers when needed. Search for a user and view her or his full profile to check downloads and message logs.

Workflow – Manage your own workflow

A real-time overview of the different steps in the publication process. If necessary, it allows you to easily reimport your publication and republish your ePaper yourself.