Personalised reading lists for maximum engagement

JAMES technology enables news organisations to increase reader engagement with automated one–to–one personalised newsletters, push notifications or web sections. We use the power of machine learning to create personalised reading lists for your readers. After three successful rounds of bringing personalisation at scale to leading publishers, we are now accepting new partners for the JAMES Launch Partner Programme 2021.

Activate your readers for increased conversion rates

JAMES predicts which content is more likely to trigger readers’ interaction. Like a butler, JAMES learns from your readers’ behaviour so you can send them the right content to maximise engagement levels. Turn your readers into loyal subscribers!

James-Your Digital Butler

Automatically surface the right content to the right readers

By personalising distribution you can ensure that every reader receives relevant content, optimising article value. Drive more readers to your website, mobile apps or editions by using JAMES personalisation algorithms. Our technology integrates within your existing tech stack, drawing input from your content, analytics and email platforms. JAMES learns the content that triggers readers, and provides a new set of individual recommendations every day. This file can then be integrated in personalised newsletters, push notifications or web hooks.

Develop news habits

JAMES uses self-learning algorithms to increase engagement and ultimately reduce churn. At The Times, JAMES helped create new habits in low to medium engaged subscribers which resulted in a churn reduction of 49%.

James-Your Digital Butler

Join the Launch Partner Programme

JAMES can help your organisation serve your readers with the content they love automatically and increase your chances of retaining them. We are now selecting more partners for the Launch Partner Programme. If interested in participating, fill out the form and our team will be in contact shortly.

    Award-winning technology

    JAMES has been named the best customer retention programme from the Data & Marketing Association and awarded the second spot for Best New Digital Subscription Initiative at the 2020 INMA awards.

    JAMES – The Times Case

    JAMES was born as a collaborative project between Twipe and The Times of London. After receiving Google DNI funding, a group of 22 people worked for a year in fine-tuning a product that could help accelerate digital subscription growth. Over 100,000 subscribers of The Times were served with individualised newsletters compiled from the content of a daily edition.
    Google DNI
    The Times


    The Times saw a 49% decrease in churn rate on the cohort exposed to daily emails personalised by JAMES, with the highest impact being observed on low to medium engaged subscribers. JAMES continues to be used at The Times and The Sunday Times. We are now bringing this technology to other publishers as well via our Launch Partner Programme. For the insights from the collaboration with The Times, Download the report

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