8 charts for 2023, retaining 100,000 subscribers and transition transparency: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest. This week, we take a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, touching on topics like the retaining 100,000 digital subscribers, transparency in the print to digital transition, 8 charts from Reuter’s 2023 predictions and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. 8 charts that you need to see from Reuters Predictions for 2023

Reuters Predictions 2023

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism have released their latest set of predictions for 2023 which shine a light on some of the biggest trends to monitor in 2023. From a survey of 303 news executives from across the world, we have selected 8 graphs for you need to see.

Read the full article here.

2. How the Star Tribune aims to retain its 100,000 digital subscribers

Retention is set to be one of the main goals for publishers in 2023 as subscription growth is expected to continue. US based publisher Star Tribune are no different. At WAN-IFRA‘s World News Media Congress, the publisher shared their plans to retain 100,000 digital subscribers. Toby Collodora, the Star Tribune‘s Senior Manager of Engagement and Retention, explained how the publisher has adopted a culture of subscriber retention to reach their goal.

Find the full story on WAN-IFRA from Brian Veseling here.

3. Transparency during transition: A German newspaper’s plan to communicate with staff and readers as it moves away from print 

Publishers accelerating their transition from print to digital has been a key trend of recent years, and 2023 is likely to see this trend continuing. Many best practices for the process live in the industry, and German publisher Die Tageszeitung shared their process with Hayley Slusser at The Lenfest Institute. Particularly interesting about TAZ‘s process is their focus on including their audience in discussions at each step of the process.

Find out more from Hayley Slusser at The Lenfest Institute here.

4. The AI effect

AI and its potential has garnered microscopic attention since the launch of new generative tools. In a recent edition of The Rebooting, Brian Morrissey provides a great overview of the growth and future potential of AI. In doing so, he also looks at the positive impact AI can offer to put worrying minds at ease.

Get the full story on The Rebooting here.

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5. Good news: Misinformation isn’t as powerful as feared! Bad news: Neither is information.

Nieman Lab‘s Joshua Benton has provided a powerful read looking into the people’s belief systems, shining a light on the spread of misinformation and also facts. From looking at some recently published papers, he provides some powerful examples about the relative power of misinformation and facts, finding that both, perhaps, aren’t as powerful as we think.

Get the full story on Nieman Lab here.


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