Twipe Technology Enabling Subscription Growth

Our mission is to help newspaper publishers monetise their premium content and engage readers through our technology. Take a look at cases highlighting how leading brands in the news media industry are using Twipe’s solutions to increase their reader revenue.

Providing a reliable app experience to the Stuttgarter Zeitung readers

Discover how Twipe designed a new e-paper experience for the Stuttgarter Zeitung readers and how we streamlined the editing process by providing a fully automated workflow to create a NextGen edition.

Co-creation of new unified apps at The Daily Telegraph

Read more on cases regarding how we embarked on a collaborative project with The Telegraph and how we created a unique and engaging product for their readers.

Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen’s JAMES newsletter strategy

In a country with a slow pick up of email newsletters, find out how Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen used JAMES automised and personalised newsletters to relaunch their email newsletter strategy.

NRC Middag: Automated and Personalised Newsletters

Discover how the JAMES Launch Partner Programme has accelerated the creation of NRC Middag and helped NRC activating its digital subscribers by surfacing the relevant content for each reader every day.

Advance Local bridging the digital gap with e-editions

Explore how Advance Local has embraced Twipe’s Replica and NextGen platforms to enhance their subscriber’s digital edition experience. Advance will also be using our ePaper analytics EngageReaders to make decisions regarding edition composition, product development and ways to market their digital edition. 

Digital-only evening editions to capture new reading segments

Discover how Ouest-France and Twipe created one of the most successful digital-only editions with NextGen technology and how a niche product grew over 5 million readers.

Retain readers with personalised content distribution

Find out how The Times and The Sunday Times achieved a 49% reduction in their churn rate thanks to JAMES – Your Digital Butler and how personalised content distribution can effectively retain subscribers.

Le Monde - ePaper

A fully automated workflow to grow your digital audience

Explore cases about how Le Monde creates a 1:1 Replica product with a fully automated workflow and how they are constantly growing their digital base.

Engaging readers with premium ePapers and analytics

Discover how media conglomerate DuMont has embraced Twipe’s ePaper and edition analytics to help their 3 titles to thrive.

AZ-ER Case

Understand your readers with in-depth edition analytics

Find out how Aachener Zeitung uses EngageReaders and Heatmaps to learn about their readers and improve their digital offering.

Two different reading experiences in one solution

Luxemburger Wort has decided to not overlook any reading segment. That is why their edition is available both in Replica and NextGen version in one single app.


Early-access editions to grow subscriptions

Some readers need to stay ahead of the news for their business purposes. That is why Le Parisien serves this segment with an early-access edition.

Native experience for a frictionless customer journey

It is very important to provide your readers with a smooth transition between WebApp and mobile apps. Find out how Mediafin created a frictionless customer experience in just a few months.