Unveil a world of seamless digital publishing with Twipe Apps, your one-stop solution for engaging readers and monetizing content. Combine the classic allure of Replica editions with the innovative design of NextGen publishing, all within a single app tailored to provide a rich reading experience and drive habitual engagement. If you prefer to develop your own app, utilise our SDK instead.

Replica and NextGen Editions in one app

Experience the ease of setup with Twipe Apps, as more customers join the evolution of digital publishing. Seamlessly integrate both Replica and NextGen editions in one app, catering to a growing community of publishers who appreciate the blend of traditional and modern publishing solutions.

Centralized Content Accessibility

With Twipe Apps, offer your subscribers a unified platform where all your content comes alive. Increase engagement and build lasting habits as readers find relevance in your offerings throughout the day. Monetize your digital journey through subscriptions and advertisements, creating a sustainable publishing ecosystem.

Offline Accessibility with On-Device Webapps

Engage your readers even offline with Twipe Apps. Our on-device webapp feature allows for offline access to puzzles and other web modules, running locally without the need for an internet connection. Enjoy smoother, faster experiences with no network dependency, as updates occur seamlessly in the background.

Discover More with App Linking

Lead your readers to a superior news experience with our feature discovery through app linking. Trigger users to editions or puzzles, guiding them through the richness of content available, ensuring they always have something captivating to delve into.

Monetize with Premium Interstitial Ads

Twipe Apps opens up avenues for monetization through premium interstitial ads in Replica editions. Experience a seamless integration with smooth ad rotation, ensuring accurate reporting of views and clicks. Our platform is configurable and extendable to encompass new providers, adapting to your monetization strategy.

  • Help publishers to monetise their content
  • Premium & seamless integration with smooth rotation
  • Ensure accurate reporting of views & clicks
  • Configurable & extendable to encompass new providers

Twipe Editions SDK

Our SDK is the cornerstone that powers the core functionalities of our white-labelled ePaper apps, such as those employed by esteemed publishers like Le Monde and Ouest France.

Our Native iOS and Android Replica SDK libraries have key features that ensure a seamless user experience and robust performance under varying network conditions. Here’s a glimpse into the capabilities:

  • Download & Open Edition: Experience progressive downloading that ensures your edition is accessible quickly.
  • Custom Styling: Tailor the look and feel of the Replica Viewer and Article Viewer with colours, fonts, and logos to resonate with your brand’s persona.
  • Replica Viewer: Swift and smooth page swiping and rapid zooming bring the essence of reading a print page.
  • Article Viewer: Navigate through articles with a simple swipe tailored to your brand’s unique styling.
  • Kiosk API Integration: Build your native apps’ Editions Kiosk in sync with the main app’s aesthetic.
  • Archive Management: Opt for automatic or manual removal of older editions to keep your digital space organized and easy to navigate.

Twipe News Apps

Our Twipe Apps provide a user-friendly platform for digital publishing that is designed to enhance reader engagement and streamline your operations. We have created a seamless experience that is easy to navigate and offers efficient tools to help you connect with your audience.

  • Edition Viewing: A smooth, intuitive interface for reading digital editions, replicating the print reading experience.
  • Editions Kiosk: A centralised space where your readers can find and access current and past editions.
  • Live News Integration: Provides a real-time news update feature, enhancing reader engagement and keeping them informed.
  • Easy Customization: During setup, customize various elements like navigation menus to match your brand and improve user experience.
  • Login: Secure user login to personalize the reading experience and manage subscriptions.
  • Notifications Centre: Keeps your readers updated with new editions, important updates, or personalized recommendations.
  • ReactNative Technology: Ensures a smooth, fast, and reliable app performance with a shared codebase between iOS and Android devices, reducing development time for new features by 30%.

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