Twipe Editions provide a solution to help publishers transition from print to digital publishing. Our Replica ePaper Publishing offers readers a classic reading experience, while our NextGen Publishing provides modern, template-based publications to increase reader engagement.

Replica Editions: The best traditional reading experience for your subscribers

The Replica ePaper is the most widespread form of digital edition. In the past years we have seen Replica make a comeback. With publishers across the world undergoing a process of shifting subscribers from print to digital, the Replica has offered a great bridging product.

More and more habitual readers prefer the comfort of this known format that relates to the classic newspaper. With the Twipe Platform, you can offer your subscribers the best reading quality and a content-first UI on iOS, Android and Web.


Replica Features

High Quality PDF Reading

The high quality nature of our Replica PDF ePaper solution provides the best possible reading experience. This is particularly true in our Pinch-to-Zoom reading mode, available so you can focus on the stories that matter to you.

Replica Enrichments

Our Replica solution offers you the chance to go beyond your everyday ePaper. Our article lightboxes provide a new opportunity for video integrations. We also offer puzzle and other integration to keep building important habits.

Kiosk and Archive Functions

In our Replica Apps, readers can find today’s edition and supplements alongside an archive of previous issues. Subscribers can also choose relevant regional editions. The full content offering for each day is shown on the homepage.

NextGen Editions: the engine behind your digital growth

Twipe NextGen Edition is a cutting-edge digital publishing solution that enables you to get the best out of your content pool. Our series of digital-first templates help you to publish easy-to-read content. The move beyond your current Replica ePaper and could help you see a 20% increase in reading time.

NextGen Features

Beautiful template-based publications

Twipe NextGen Publishing takes your content and puts it in a set of modern templates. Not only are the templates easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate, but they are specially designed to deliver the best reading experience for your consumers.

Reliable cross-platform digital publishing

The NextGen publications are available on iOS and Android apps on tablets and smartphones, as well as in web browsers. Delivering over 7 million digital newspapers every month, the Twipe NextGen Publishing Platform is designed for maximum scalability and reliability.

Efficient, industrial publishing and content distribution processes

The Twipe Tools allow for minimum time in preparing the ePaper and ensure quick ROI through efficient workflow. Twipe takes care of the complex aspects of digital publishing on all mobile platforms such as content distribution or app version management.

Replica Edition in Action

Twipe’s Replica solution has been leveraged by publishers worldwide. Le Monde have joined Twipe’s platform in 2017 to help them on their ambitious journey to reach 1 million subscribers by 2025.

Having just surpassed 400,000 digital subscribers, read how Le Monde have used Twipe’s Replica Solution to enable growth and peace of mind. Want to learn more? Request a demo!

Le Monde - ePaper

NextGen Edition in Action

Publishers across the world have leveraged our NextGen solution. We have recently co-created the newest version of our NextGen apps with The Telegraph.

Read more about The Telegraph’s success with NextGen and how it is playing a vital role in their subscriber first strategy. If you want to learn more about NextGen, why not book a call?