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7 Key Takeaways from beBETA Berlin

GenAI, paid content, and digital transformation: these were the three recurring topics throughout the two days of the #beBETA24 Conference in Berlin. Danny Lein, Twipe CEO, and Mauro Cavallo, our DACH business developer, share their seven key takeaways from the event. 1) “You are not your father’s newspaper Print editions have been flagship products for[…]

Can Subscription Revenue and AI Save Quality Journalism?

Publishers are struggling to make up for ever-declining advertising and print revenue. Can newsrooms rely on (digital) subscription revenue to stay afloat? Will AI be the savior in this situation, or could it potentially make things worse? These are just a few of the themes discussed by Juan Señor in his latest Innovation in News[…]

Top Strategies Leading Publishers Use to Overcome Digital Disruptions: Lessons from WAN-IFRA’s World News Media Congress 

Disruptions have rocked the media industry. AI has been the latest, but the disruptive waves of the internet and smartphones continue to be felt. The challenges of losing audiences, revenue, and struggling to maintain public trust can be traced back to these major changes.  But it’s not all doom and gloom.  Many media organizations have[…]

This is what top publishers’ ePaper strategies look like in 2024 (and why they work).

Converting print readers to engaged digital subscribers is one of the key challenges publishers face. Enter the digital transformation. But not everyone is on board. Older readers who prefer printed papers often resist consuming the news through digital formats. Yet while print remains a significant revenue source for publishers, many foresee discontinuing it within the[…]

Why Top Publishers Are Turning to Podcasts for Growth 

Traditional news outlets are constantly innovating to stay relevant and expand their reach. One strategy emerging at the forefront is the integration of podcasts into their media offerings. As every corner of the industry buzzes about this audio trend, it’s worth exploring why even the most print-centric publications are embracing podcasts to engage their audiences[…]

Disrupted in disruption: Insights from INMA’s World Congress of News Media 2024

“You probably have only just recovered from the first wave of digital disruptions, and now that disruption is being disrupted.” This is how Robert Whitehead, Digital Platform Initiative Lead at INMA, succinctly summarised the state of the news industry during the CEO panel. Needless to say, the news media world is faced with multiple concurrent[…]

Appealing to Younger Audiences: Lessons from Local Newsletters 

Legacy media has an age problem.   As it stands, the printed press readership skews older and younger audiences who have little appetite to pick up the practice of reading physical papers.  As print’s audience diminishes, publishers have refocused their efforts on building their digital offerings. However, it is said that it takes 2.5 digital[…]

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