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What do AI Charters say About News Media Today? 

In a recent New York Times interview, Jim VandeHei, Axios CEO, warned that AI will “eviscerate the weak, the ordinary, the unprepared in media.” That is why, since Gen AI’s recent surge into the workplace, a growing number of publishers and news organizations have decided to formalize its use in AI charters.  We reviewed several[…]

The future of storytelling: Modular journalism, fractal stories, and Smart Brevity

A stepping stone to personalized news: Modular journalism News apps, websites, and social media all offer some sort of algorithmic-driven sorting of articles and content, often tweaked to meet the user’s expectations and existing profile to ensure the highest engagement possible. What if publishers did not limit themselves to altering the order of news stories[…]

Press Start to Engage: What Publishers Can Learn From the Gaming Industry

Many know how easy it is to lose track of time while playing a game, be it a round of Scrabble or a Mario Kart race. But what makes games so successful at retaining players’ attention so consistently?   And what can news publishers learn from the gaming industry?  Publishers have made use of games[…]

Print is Dead. Long Live Digital (with some caveats).

Print is dying. This was the underlying story that shaped the presentations at the Mather Symposium. While print still provides the most revenue for publishers today, the consensus is that it will sharply decline. So, the question emerges: What can publishers do to crack the code of sustainable digital revenue? The answer was clear among[…]

The power of bundling: How publishers can offer more value to subscribers

Introduction Marc Andreessen, founder of early internet browsers Mosaic and Netscape, once famously said there are only two ways of making money: One is to bundle, and the other to unbundle. His observation has become increasingly applicable in the digital age. Take the movie industry: Netflix initially offered a wide array of movies and TV[…]

Key Takeaways from the Future Today Institute’s 2024 Tech Trends Report

For the 17th consecutive year, the Future Today Institute has unveiled its 2024 Tech Trends Report, a comprehensive analysis spotlighting the technological shifts shaping industries from agriculture to aviation and notably, news media. This year’s 900-page edition highlights a pivotal moment: a technological supercycle revolutionizing how we interact with information, trust, and each other. Particularly[…]

What is the Fediverse? A guide for publishers and the uninitiated.

Traditional social media, as most people know it, is extremely popular for several reasons. It’s an easy way for individuals to keep up with the news and interact with others. For publishers, it’s a platform to share content with millions. The downside of social media platforms is that large corporations like Meta and Google control[…]

Making Your Reader Funnel a Success in 2024 and Beyond: A blueprint from the INMA Media Subscription Summit  

The February 2024 INMA Media Subscriptions Summit in New York was a pivotal gathering for the news media industry, drawing 282 professionals from 35 countries. In its seventh year, this event emphasised the evolving dynamics of journalism and news brands through an agenda that included a mix of keynote addresses, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities.[…]

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