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Reuters Trends and Predictions, Artifact Closing, OpenAI’s missed “high-value partnership”, Bluesky’s 3 million users and the benefits of reverse strategy with AI experimentation: Twipe’s Weekly Digest

Welcome to the first edition of 2024 of Twipe’s weekly news digest. Today we explore our analysis of Reuters Trends and Predictions from the 2024 report, Artifact’s statement that they’ll be shutting down, OpenAI and The New York Times’ missed opportunity, Twitter’s off-shoot BlueSky reaching 3 million users and the benefits of reverse strategy with[…]

Reuters Trends and Predictions 2024: What You Need to Know 

2024 brings with it Reuters’ much-anticipated Trends and Predictions 2024 report. Compiled from the insights of over 300 news industry leaders across 50 countries, this report is a barometer for the challenges and expectations shaping journalism in the year ahead. In a year with over 40 elections and major events such as the Olympics, it[…]

Predictions for 2024, OpenAI’s offer to publishers, FT’s paid newsletter, podcasts in 2024 and AI tips for the newsroom: Twipe’s Weekly Digest

Welcome to the first edition of 2024 of Twipe’s weekly news digest. Today we explore our top picks from Nieman Lab’s 2024 predictions list, OpenAI’s paltry offer to publishers to use their content, FT’s paid newsletter series, podcast expectations in 2024 and tips and tricks for AI in the newsroom. 1. Nieman Lab’s Predictions for[…]

Nieman Lab’s Predictions for 2024: Twipe’s Top Picks 

Every December, Nieman Lab releases predictions from industry leaders about the upcoming year. We’ve chosen our top 10 predictions from their list of over 140 for 2024. This year’s predictions revolved around several critical themes such as AI, news consumption patterns, the role of journalism in democracy, the importance of local and community-focused journalism, misinformation[…]

Our Top 10 Stories From 2023 

As we wrap up another exciting year at Twipe, we want to share our top 10 articles of 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the topics and insights that captivated our audience this year. 10 Ways Journalists Use AI Tools in the Newsroom  Explore what AI tools journalists use in this informative piece. It[…]

Twipe Wrapped 2023

Enjoy Twipe Wrapped, our highlight reel with a selection of what made 2023 special for Twipe. Happy holidays from the Twipe team!

5 Tips for a Successful Large-scale ePaper Migration, Channel 1 AI News and Ezra’s Wayfinder Report: Twipe’s Weekly Digest

5 Tips for a Successful Large-scale ePaper Migration In the latest Twipe webinar, Gregor Zoller of SWMH shared his experience leading a large-scale ePaper migration to Twipe’s platform. Gregor highlighted the importance of strategic planning and communication with readers. Zoller’s insights highlight the importance of a well-executed migration strategy and are indispensable for publishers contemplating[…]

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