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Is News Avoidance Really the Crisis We Think It Is? 

The way we interact with news is changing.    The Reuters Digital News Report 2023 revealed that people are showing less interest in news, leading to a decrease in overall consumption. This trend has persisted year-on-year, giving rise to the debate around news avoidance.   Put simply, news avoidance refers to the behaviour of individuals who[…]

Organic Search Traffic Decline: Strategies for News Publishers

Introduction While social media referral traffic has already been declining for years, search engines have always been a healthy traffic source for news publishers. However, this is set to change with Google providing answers directly in the search results list. Over the past few months, several outlets have reported declining search engine traffic in addition[…]

Are Personalised News Aggregators Enhancing Our World or Echoing Our Biases? 

The Rise of Personalised News Aggregators  The internet has evolved from a mostly static to a personalised experience. Machine learning and algorithms have personalised the web and news industry, leading to the emergence of personalised news aggregators. These aggregators compile and personalise news, but criticisms have emerged, challenging the foundation of news personalisation. This article[…]

7 news media startups and companies to watch in 2024

How can news media startups develop sustainable business models? In a context where even well-funded companies such as Artifact and the Messenger have faced difficulties and were forced to close, many news companies are asking themselves this question. While some businesses, such as Semafor, are seemingly on the path to sustainability, the challenges of sustaining[…]

World Press Trends Report 2024: Twipe’s Top 5 Insights 

Last week, WAN-IFRA published their World Press Trends Report for 2023-2024. Based on the responses of 175 senior news executives from 60 countries, it puts a finger on the pulse of the industry. We’ve compiled the key learnings and insights from over 50 pages of detailed report to share with you.  Publishers hold a more[…]

Behind the Paywall: The Shift of Monetisation Strategies

In the ever-evolving landscape of news and media, the journey from the early days of free online news content to the AI subscription models of today tells a compelling story of adaptation and innovation. This article dives into this journey, exploring the shifts that have reshaped how news is consumed and monetised in the digital[…]

Insights from the downfall of Artifact, Trust in UK Media down, Guardian raises record revenue in the US, Schibsted’s success with audio and how to fight news avoiders with positive news : Twipe’s Weekly Digest

Today we’re exploring insights from the downfall of Artifact, how trust in UK Media is down, The Guardian raising record revenue in the US, Schibsted’s success with audio and how to fight news avoiders with positive news. Welcome to Twipe’s weekly news digest. 1. What do digital news platforms need to reach financial sustainability? Insights[…]

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