Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2023

From GenZ to Boomers: How to engage readers across generations


On September 26th, Brussels was the place to be for media innovation as the 6th Twipe Digital Growth Summit (DGS) brought together global media innovators.

Over 150 participants attended DGS 2023, featuring industry leaders’ keynotes and hands-on sessions. At the conference, publishers discussed their challenges in the constantly evolving media world. One of the key topics discussed was attracting and involving audiences of all ages, from boomers to Generation Alpha.

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Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen

Futurist, Author and Board Member of Mediahuis

Peter, the acclaimed author of five bestselling business books will join us to deliver an insightful presentation on “Navigating the Never Normal in News.” This engaging talk will provide valuable insights and strategies for news publishers seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert knowledge from Peter, a renowned thought leader in radical innovation and the Future of News.

With a strong background as a serial entrepreneur, Peter has led multiple technology start-ups, including acquisitions and stock exchange listings. Peter’s vast experience and insights have made him a trusted advisor, lecturer at prestigious business schools, and a keynote headliner for global conferences and Fortune 1000 companies.

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