We help publishers to engage more readers

and to monetize premium content on mobile devices.

Twipe is a Belgian company specialising in Digital Publishing and ePaper Analytics. Solutions include mobile-optimised NextGen publishing, Replica publishing, and ePaper analytics with EngageReaders. Publishers across Europe have been trusting Twipe’s power of innovation and expertise in digital publishing for over 7 years. We work closely with our reference customers such as Ouest-France, DuMont, Le Monde and La Libre Belgique to pick up market trends and share common insights. Every month, more than 7 million ePapers are distributed on mobile and tablets from the Twipe Digital Publishing platform.

We believe edition-based publishing should be core to the strategy of every newspaper publisher.

Editions fulfil fundamental needs of large groups of audiences, such as the 44% of news consumers identified by Reuters as ‘daily briefers’. These readers like to be briefed once a day, and appreciate the structure, completeness and depth of editions.

Twipe is fast, innovative, genuine, exceptional, and data driven.

  • Fast: We always deliver our projects on time.
  • Innovative: We are highly creative and strive to accomplish things in a manner that no one has done before.
  • Genuine: We are sincere, trustworthy and reliable.
  • Exceptional: We are committed to creating the best products and services.
  • Data driven: We use data to drive our decisions.

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